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Porsche Cooling System Service

Written by: Max Revelli

Porsche Cooling System Service and Repair in Seattle!

Many Porsche’s are designed with a unique rear engine layout, this lends its self to a unique cooling system design too. From air cooled, to the modern water cooled systems, Precision Motorworks is your go to local Porsche repair shop, that specializes in all mass market Porsche models.

The Importance of Maintaining your Porsche’s Cooling System

Whether your Porsche is water cooled or air cooled, keeping the engine cool is critical. Engines are designed to operate at a certain temperature, Overheating can cause catastrophic issues that often require expensive repairs or even complete engine replacement. This is why ensuring your cooling system is functioning properly is so important.

Porsche Cooling System Inspection and Diagnostics

During your visit to Precision Motorworks, we’ll do a visual inspection of all visible external cooling system components. If you are noticing overheating, coolant leakage, or a low coolant level warning further testing of the cooling system may been needed. It is important to note that the design of many Porsche cooling systems do not lend themselves to easy inspection, even if you do not see any coolant leaking on the ground, it is important to not disregard a low coolant level warning.

Porsche vehicles such as the Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and earlier front engine models are straight forward to inspect. Regularly popping the hood and inspecting the coolant reservoir to ensure the level of fluid is above minimum is highly recommended.

For rear engine models such as the 911, Boxster, or Cayman, the coolant reservoir is in the trunk or beneath the small engine access panel. Being that it is hidden away it can make regular inspection difficult. At Precision Motorworks, your local Porsche service shop,we will always welcome people to stop by for us to take a quick look at your coolant level, if you are not comfortable doing so.

For air cooled models which do not have any cooling fluid to inspect, it is equally important to make sure other components are functioning properly. Because there is no coolant to assist in cooling the engine, the cooling fan and veins on the engine must be in tip top shape. Regularly inspecting the cooling fan and belt can help prevent unnecessary overheating.

Precision Motorworks Offers Porsche Cooling System Repair in Seattle!

Because of the unique cooling system designs of Porsche, unique tools and expertise are needed to properly repair these systems. At Precision Motorworks we have skilled trained technicians and factory service equipment to repair your Porsche. We offer a great alternative to the dealerships in the greater Seattle area.

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