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The Importance of Scheduled Maintenance

Written by: Steffanie Beauchamp

Mileage Based Auto Repair Service

Maintaining a European auto is an important, yet sometimes overlooked task. Yet when it comes to extending your vehicle’s lifespan and saving you money it is mission critical. We understand that many auto owners are unsure about the best approach to servicing their Audi, BMW, Mini, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo or Volkswagen.

Mileage-based servicing also known as scheduled maintenance offers a solution! It’s a method that aligns maintenance with the distance your car has traveled. Understanding the benefits of mileage-based servicing can help protect your investment in your European auto for years to come.

At Precision Motorworks, we will check your mileage at each service interval and let you know which services are due based on your mileage, allowing you to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s maintenance and decide which things are best for you and your situation.

This method is also often recommended by manufacturers. They provide service intervals in the owner’s manual, usually in terms of miles driven. These intervals are designed to keep your vehicle in optimal condition and help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Adhering to these intervals will improve your vehicle’s performance and longevity!

The Importance of Scheduled Maintenance

Mileage-based servicing or scheduled maintenance involves routine tasks like oil changes, brake inspections, air filter and spark plug replacements, as well as fluid flushes. At Precision Motorworks, we recommend oil changes every 5000 miles or 6 months whichever comes first. This helps to keep your engine lubricated and running efficiently, it protects your timing chain and helps to avoid premature failure of this as well as other internal engine components.

We recommend brake inspections every 6-12 months, we do these complimentary when you bring your car in for service. This ensures your vehicle can stop safely and effectively when needed and we can avoid unnecessary wear on the calipers from the pads getting too low. We also recommend flushing the brake fluid every other year to get rid of moisture build up in the brake lines.

We recommend flushing the cooling system every 2 years. This keeps the ratio of coolant to water where it needs to be and avoids build up of dirt and debris in the system. An optimal running cooling system will keep you on the road and avoid overheating your engine.

Spark plug replacement varies by manufacturer we commonly see BMW and Mini spark plugs due every 60,000 miles while Audi and Porsche can be as soon as every 30,000-40,000 miles. Due to these variations we will check the manufacturer recommendations per your year, make and model each time you come in for your oil change service. Keeping your spark plugs in good condition helps avoid misfire conditions and extends the life of your ignition coils.

Completing these tasks help to prevent major issues from developing in your vehicle and also allows us to catch potential problems early. This can help you avoid expensive repairs down the road. Not to mention, regular maintenance also contributes to safer driving and better fuel efficiency!

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